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Muscle- or central nervous system anomalies can cause muscle atrophy, causing weakness of the calves and bones deformities, this could contribute to the development of club feet (pes equinovares).

We hypothesized that if this theory holds true the muscle atrophy may already be visualized prenatally by means of ultrasound examination in fetuses suspected of single or bilateral idiopathic pes equinovares (IPEV) at the 20 week standard anomaly scan. We will compare these fetuses to a normal population without structural anomalies and follow them after birth.

The primary objective of the study is to examine muscle atrophy in fetuses with single or bilateral PEV, in comparison to a normal population by measuring the circumference of the upper and lower legs. The measurements will be performed prenatally at 20 weeks of gestation and around 28-30 weeks of gestation by ultrasound measurement, neonates will be physically examined directly after birth till one year post-partum.

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M.M.E.H. Witbreuk

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M. Koolen

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