Our rates

What are OLVG's rates? Agreements have been made with health insurers about the reimbursement of healthcare products, but sometimes you have to pay (part of) the costs yourself.

What does OLVG charge?

Agreements have been made with health insurers regarding the reimbursement of health care products. The amount of this reimbursement is based on the average number of procedures and examinations carried out by the hospital treating with a certain care product. The reimbursement is therefore an average of the care product. The reimbursement includes the hospital's indirect costs which are not specified separately on the invoice.

Diagnosis Treatment Combinations (DTC) information

It is often not clear to patients what treatment at the hospital costs. You can read about how the price of a treatment is calculated. We also provide an overview of the national, average, claimed reimbursements for common treatments below 1,000 euros. The reimbursements come about through agreements made between the health insurer and the healthcare provider and can vary by hospital.

'Passing-through' rates

In exceptional cases it might be the case that your health insurer does not have an agreement (contract) with OLVG. In that case there is a chance that you will have to pay for (part of) the treatment yourself. The conditions of your policy will determine this. Please contact your insurer for mor information about this. 

Uninsured care

Care that is unnecessary medically (for example cosmetic surgery) is never reimbursed under the basic insurance. You will therefore have to pay for this care yourself. You can ask the hospital what this will cost. More information about uninsured care.