Medical records : your rights

To ensure proper medical treatment, OLVG keeps medical records on every patient. You have the right to ask OLVG to grant access, provide a copy, correct or delete your medical records.

Your file is largely kept in one central Electronic Patient File (EPD) that all healthcare providers use. There are also various other sources, such as the Radiology image system and the historical archives. Together with the EPD, they form 'the medical records'. Your records will be treated confidentially at all times according to the rules that apply.


You can view some of your data using the MijnOLVG patient portal. This is a free service for all OLVG patients. You can view different types of data online at any time. This includes things like examination results and letters to the GP. You can also make or cancel appointments and ask the doctor questions. MijnOLVG works in a private and secure environment. You can apply for MijnOLVG authorisation at the outpatient clinic desk.

Electronic exchange of your medical data

The institutions below can view your radiological examinations (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs) online using your OLVG patient number (make sure you have this number to hand). You therefore do not need to request these examinations yourself in order to hand them over to your practitioner.

  • BovenIJ Hospital, Amsterdam
  • DC Klinieken Lairesse, Amsterdam
  • Medisch Centrum Jan van Goyen, Amsterdam
  • Bergman Clinics, Naarden

Copy of medical records for the patient

Legal requests and requests from third parties

All legal requests are handled by the Legal Affairs department, such as copies for liability claims, deceased patients, deletion of records.

The medical departments themselves handle requests from third parties, such as medical examiners and lawyers. They can put their request directly to the secretariat of the relevant medical department.

How does another doctor obtain a copy of my medical records?

If you request a second opinion or treatment from another specialist within OLVG, you do not need to do anything. All OLVG doctors work with the same medical records. As soon as the other specialist is involved in your treatment, he or she will have access to your file.

Do you have an appointment with a specialist or practitioner outside OLVG? Then, having obtained your permission, the specialist or doctor-practitioner (not a paramedic) will request your medical data from OLVG, or you will be requested to provide the information yourself. You can also give permission to share your medical data digitally/electronically using MijnOLVG. Your specialist or practitioner at participating hospitals can then access your data directly.

Use of patient data for scientific research

Data that can be traced to a patient is only used for scientific research and training purposes if the person concerned has given his/her permission. Your data will also be used for scientific research outside OLVG.

You can inform the doctor treating you that you object to the passing on of this information; he/she will make a note of this in your medical records and will not pass your data on.

In principle, this medical data is only provided to third parties in an anonymous format. In some cases, this data is provided in an encrypted format. An example of this is the provision of information to the Dutch Cancer Registry about cancer patients regarding the nature and course of the disease and the treatment followed.

Patients and their legal representatives can submit a request for a copy of the medical records to the Medical Records Copy Department (Kopie Medisch Dossier (KMD). For this, you need to use the medical records application form. An extensive explanation of the application procedure is included here.

How much does a copy of the medical records cost?

The first copy of your medical record is provided for free. We do charge a fee if you request another copy.