Compulsory identification in healthcare

We are required to verify your identity for your safety. That is why we ask you to show a valid passport, driving licence, identity card or document for aliens when you register. 

Why is identification important?

To be able to offer good and safe care, we must ensure that we link the right data to the right person. This way, we are able to avoid mistakes and ensure that we are working with the correct data from the correct medical records.

This legal requirement applies to children too

In the Netherlands, you are legally required to identify yourself to your healthcare provider. This is called ‘compulsory identification in healthcare’. You can identify yourself to your healthcare provider with a valid passport, ID, driving licence or document for aliens. 
This applies to everyone, including children and babies.

Why do you have to identify yourself and register with OLVG?

If you make use of OLVG healthcare services, you will register as a hospital patient. When registering, we need you to provide valid ID. We'll also take an ID photo of you.

During your registration, your Dutch Social Security Number (Burgerservicenummer, BSN) will be recorded in the electronic patient file, among other things. The BSN is a unique and personal number. This number can be found on your ID. It protects you against fraud and ensures that your data is handled with care.

Doctors and other healthcare providers at OLVG will record all your (confidential) medical data in the electronic patient file.

Why do we take a photograph of you?

Once your photograph is added to the hospital's electronic patient file, we will be able to recognise you. This way, we will know for sure that we are treating the right patient.
We will not use your photo for any other purposes.
Having a photo taken is not mandatory. If you do not want to have a photo taken, it means that you will need to show valid ID every time you visit in order to prove your identity.

What constitutes valid ID?

If you (or your child) have Dutch nationality, the following ID documents are valid:

  • passport
  • driving licence
  • identity card (ID-kaart)

If you do not have Dutch nationality, the following ID documents are valid:

  • document for aliens from the immigration authorities
  • refugee passport
  • alien's passport
  • non-Dutch passport (if necessary, with a residence permit)
  • electronic W-document for asylum seekers

Please note: A copy or photo of your ID or an expired proof of identity will not be sufficient and will not be accepted as verification of identity.

How are children identified?

Children must also be identified with a valid proof of identity when visiting the hospital. Your child therefore needs a valid ID such as an 'ID-kaart' or a passport.

Unlike with general compulsory identification (algemene identificatieplicht), there is no age limit in healthcare. Compulsory identification applies from birth.

Registering with the OLVG

Is it your first visit to OLVG? Then we request that you register before your appointment at the registration desk in the central hall of the location where your appointment will take place.

Bear in mind that registration takes extra time, so please arrive at the hospital at least 15 minutes before your appointment. This will give us enough time to take down your personal details and to take a photo for your medical records.

What should you take to the hospital for your registration and identification?

  • It is important that you always bring valid ID with you.
  • Also bring a current medication summary with you.
  • You can bring your referral letter (only if you have received one from your GP).

For more tips, read the following OLVG leaflet: 'This is how you can help to ensure proper and safe treatment'

Have you forgotten your ID document?

Your appointment can go ahead even if you do not have valid ID with you. You will then be called upon to return later that same week, or within 2 weeks at the latest, to fully register with OLVG with your valid proof of identity.
Should your registration remain incomplete, we will not be able to share your details with your GP or health insurer. This will mean that the invoice for the hospital costs incurred will be sent to you directly.

Are you unwilling or unable to identify yourself? 

If you (on a permanent basis) cannot or do not want to identify yourself, you will only be treated if you pay the cost of treatment in advance. You will always be treated if there is a medical necessity.

How will my identity be checked on my next visit to OLVG?

If you are on the electronic patient file with a recent photo and registered Dutch Social Security Number (BSN), you will not have to show your ID again the next time you visit. We will, however, check your identity based on your photo and a number of questions that we will ask you (verification).
In instances of doubt, you will need to confirm your identity again with valid ID. If your ID is no longer valid or your ID photo is more than 5 years old, we will register a new proof of identity. We therefore advise you to always bring your ID to the hospital with you.

We will check the validity of your ID and other details when you visit. Are there any changes? Have you moved or do you have a different GP now? Please let us know about this.

In case of any questions

Please contact the department where you have the appointment.