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Uitgelicht | Vrijdag 1 december 2017

OLVG and Zilveren Kruis sign a contract for HIV care on outcomes

OLVG and Zilveren Kruis enter into a special collaboration in the field of HIV care. Because OLVG is a leader when it comes to the quality of HIV care, our hospital will receive a fixed amount per patient per year over the next three years. The big advantage is that we can invest further in an even better quality of HIV care.

360-degree treatment

The OLVG HIV treatment team together with its patients has identified the most important health outcomes and monitors these in order to improve the quality of healthcare. At the OLVG HIV Treatment Centre, the patient receives a 360-degree treatment which focuses on more than just HIV. The patient also gains insight into additional (e.g. psychological and cardiovascular) risks at an early stage. Under the guidance of a team of specialists, the patient then receives a customized treatment. This approach reduces additional risks and the associated healthcare costs.

‘The best outcome for the patient is what comes first at OLVG. That the Zilveren Kruis is now rewarding this effort with a contract that allows us to invest in even better HIV care is a welcome addition’, says Guido van den Berk, an internist at OLVG.

Quality up, costs down

Olivier Gerrits, director Care Purchasing Zilveren Kruis: ‘With these agreements, the focus is entirely on improving the healthcare of our insured parties. If OLVG improves the care because of the coordinated approach and thereby reduces the costs, the hospital may retain part of the savings. In this way, investing in quality pays off for OLVG, and we manage the costs together.’

Zilveren Kruis has several pilots running where healthcare is purchased based on the outcomes of the care. This contract is one of the first results.

Care bundle

The contract means that it is possible to buy the care that is delivered by multiple organizations in one go. This is also called a care bundle. In this way, innovation is stimulated instead of hindered because there are no declaration codes for new forms of care. While maintaining the current level of quality, OLVG may subsequently reinvest a substantial proportion of the healthcare costs saved into the further development of HIV care. The contract has a duration of 3 years.

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