When should you go to the Emergency Department? : When should you visit your GP or a tourist medical centre?

If you need medical care, call your GP or the out-of-hours GP service. If you need urgent medical care, your GP or the out-of-hours GP service will refer you to the Emergency Department.


You always need a referral from your GP or an out-of-hours GP service to visit the Emergency Department.

If you don't have a referral, the Emergency Department may refer you to another provider, such as an out-of-hours GP service or tourist medical centre.

Your health insurance will reimburse all costs of care provided by the GP or out-of-hours GP service.


At the Emergency Department, people with serious complaints are always given priority.

You usually don't have to wait long at the out-of-hours GP service.


A visit to the Emergency Department costs €350 on average.


Health Insurance

The excess is an amount you are required to pay by law. The excess will be 385 euros in 2022.

If you have not used all of your your excess, you will pay part of the cost of treatment at the Emergency Department yourself.

Your health insurance will cover the costs above the excess.


No health insurance

If you do not have EU health insurance, you will need to pay an advance of 300 euros at the front desk, even if you have a non-EU health or travel insurance.


If the situation is not life-threatening, we recommend the following:

  • Call your GP for medical advice or an appointment
  • If your GP is unavailable, call the out-of-hours GP service for medical advice or an appointment. Call +31 88 00 30 600 or visit huisartsenpostenamsterdam.nl


If you are visiting Amsterdam as a tourist,

  • call the tourist medical centre (Central Doctors) for an appointment
  • Telephone: +31 20 235 78 23
  • Address: De Ruyterkade 24a, Amsterdam
  • Opening hours:
    • Monday to Friday, 07:30–20:00
    • Saturday and Sunday, 10:00–19:00
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