Closing a wound with skin glue : Advice for at home

If you have a wound, the ER doctor may close it with glue. Skin glue closes wounds quickly and easily, eliminating the need for stitches or staples. You do not need to come back for a checkup.

Advice for at home

It is important to follow the following advice to allow the wound to heal properly:

  • Keep the wound clean and dry on the first day.
  • Avoid touching the affected area, if possible.
  • Do not use ointment or cream on the wound for one week, as that will soften the adhesive and hamper the healing process.
  • Protect the wound from clothing. Cover the wound with gauze or a bandage if it will be covered by clothing.
  • After showering, gently pat the skin around the wound dry. Do not take a bath or go swimming for one week. 

When should you call us?

Call the Emergency Department if you experience one or more of the following complaints:

  • The wound is painful or inflamed.
  • The skin around the wound is red and swollen.
  • The wound has reopened.


If you have any questions after reading this information, please call the Emergency Department through the OLVG's general phone number.

+31 20 599 91 11

+31 20 510 89 11

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