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Information Evening Giving Birth in the Toorop Paviljoen


Kapel, first floor
OLVG, locatie West


How to prepare yourself for giving birth in the Netherlands? In 2020, the OLVG West organises multiple information meetings in English about childbirth for expectant parents.

A midwife, nurse and gynaecologist will provide information about childbirth and post-delivery care.

The following topics will be discussed:
• How does the Dutch maternity care system function?
• What to expect of a normal delivery?
• Who is your caregiver during the delivery?
• What are the possibilities in pain relief?
• If possible, a tour round our delivery rooms will be organised

Even if you don't have your check-ups at the hospital during your pregnancy, you are welcome on this evening. The Bevalcentrum West, a birthing centre where women without a medical indication can give birth, has a separate information evening.


by a midwife
General information
by a midwife
The delivery
by a midwife
After the birth 
by a nurse
The medical delivery
by a gynaecologist
Pain relief
by a gynaecologist
Guided delivery room tour (if available)

All the meetings in 2020 are cancelled until further notice due to the coronavirus! 

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Overzicht agenda

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